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Moustache Production has been bringing animation projects to life for studios around the world, helping them find their ideal partners in Southeast Asia.

MOUSTACHE Production was founded in 2011 in Vietnam and today we have a network of 700+ outsourcing studios in South-East Asia.

We base our business on LONG TERM PARTNERSHIP, WIN-WIN set-up and put QUALITY in the first place.

Over the years, we realized that most western studios struggle with production capacity and would love to partner with outsourcing studios but hesitate to go by themselves. That’s where we offer our match-making services to unsure you with reliable, quality and price competitive local studios.

Over the past decade, we have become the leading company in Asia, able to connect and produce a multitude of different projects, ranging from 2D, 3D, VFX, video games to handle long-term projects.

The mix of western and south-eastern influences created by a multi-cultural team makes us unique and has made us the ideal partner to combine your requirements with the best matching South-East Asian studios.

We are proud to count a total of 200+ western companies that trusted us to setup their business partnerships in the region.

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Our Experience

We established in Vietnam, with the aim of facilitating the connection between international and South-East Asian studios.
We expanded our services to various industries : 2D, 3D, VFX, Gaming etc.
We opened an exclusive animation software distribution line, with several partners that we distribute in Southeast Asia.
We opened a branch in Hong Kong to facilitate international cooperation with partners.



As the demand for animated content is booming, production capacity in western countries is not sufficient anymore. Outsourcing seem to be the only solution, but finding the right partner can be a challenge… What is the price? Will my partner be consistent? What happens if the quality is not there? How’s the local regulation/tax system? Is my IP protected ? We secure all those topics with a solid legal/financial framework to avoid any future issue.


From assets to post-prod,our achievements include 2D, 3D, gaming and VFX animation projects. Being able to manage multiple artists/studios to produce from concept art and visual development to pre-visualization, character/creature animation, special effects, lighting and final compositing.

We are also experienced in modeling and surfacing high-end CG assets that are either ultra-realistic or cartoony.

Studio acquisition

Interested in acquiring or taking shares in a local studio?
Interested in opening your studio capital to external investors?

Our mission is to provide you with the keys to success in Southeast Asia, to help you secure these transactions for a safe and long-term partnership.
Thanks to our network and unique approach, we have extensive experience of working with over 200 supported companies to implement your strategy and ensure your success.

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Because we love our industry, we want to build the whole eco-system including all the players.

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